Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sarah at 8 months

Sarah's 8 months old now (as of Monday). She's all over the place. Kate pulled up for the very first time exactly 10 days before her first birthday. She waited until she was 1 day shy of 15 months old to take her first steps. Sarah's been pulling up for a couple weeks now. This kid's not messin' around. She'll be tackling Kate prior to her first birthday, I feel certain of it.

While Kate's not especially wild about having a mobile baby around the house, she still seems to love her kid sister. The other day they were playing together on the alphabet mat in the kitchen (they both enjoy chewing on the giant letters) and Kate was feeding Sarah fake food. "Here you go, Cutie Pie" I heard her say, handing Sarah a plastic chip. Then she gave her a kiss on the head. Good stuff.

Look at this baby standing up! Having only had one before that felt she should be carried everywhere by her giant servants, this is shocking to me. Also, kind of annoying. She can't be contained! She's trying to eat my food magazines off the bookshelf! She's trying to eat...what is that? Who knows?!? I can't watcher her incessantly. I feel certain this is only going to get worse. She'll be driving before I know it.

Meanwhile, Kate's been getting some artsy shots for her debut album -


Epiphany Alone said...

Wow, that's some really good standing! Lindsay still insists on pulling herself up in the middle of a room.

The Plaid Sheep said...

It's the competetive spirit. If my older sister is walking why shouldn't I?