Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bunking with Kate

For the first time, and sooner than I expected, Sarah slept in her new bed last night. Each night since we acquired the bunkbeds we've been reading stories while sitting in the lower bunk. But after showing a great enthusiasm for the space, Sarah would end up asking to go in her crib.

Last night we read several stories, lying on Sarah's bed. Kate lingered down there. Lola, banished by Kate from the bed, snuggled up to the side of the bed, keeping me from just rolling onto the floor. When I finally convinced the willful Kate, who lacks the understanding that she should simply do as she's told without argument, to get up in her bed, I asked Sarah where she wanted to sleep. She burrowed herself into the pillow and insisted on being tucked in. So I tucked her in and she immediately kicked off the sheet and insisted on being tucked in again. I feared this was another stalling game and said "that's it, kid, let's get in the crib" and she stopped squirming and stared at me. "Want kiss!" she said, puckering up and letting me know she was just about done with me for the night. So I distributed hugs and kisses and the evening's final answers to life's pressing questions. I walked out, blowing them each a kiss, and closed their door behind me. Then I went and sat down at the computer in the office down the hall to listen. Nothing.

When we checked on them a couple hours later, Sarah was on her shoulders and arms, butt up in the air in the familiar frog pose. Her stuffed dog on one side of her, a book opened on her other side. "Well, what do ya know..." I thought.

This morning they awoke at their usual 6:45 but instead of yells for mommy and daddy, we heard them playing together. It was glorious. We lazed in bed until 7:30; it felt like midday when we finally got up! Jeremiah and I went together to get them, because we both wanted to see the aftermath of the first night spent in a bed. The room had been trashed rock star style, but they were having fun. They'd discovered the finger puppet theatre from Aunt Jude and Uncle Kevin and were doing performances. Kate very much the director. Sarah takes direction poorly, I'm sure Kate will fire her soon. But for the time being they were happy.

Kate's all set to get that crib out of their room. I don't know why, but she talks about it a lot. I think I'm going to leave it there for a bit, just in case. And maybe a little bit because the sight of my two big girls sleeping in their bunkbeds is something I need to get used to incrementally.

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FlapScrap said...

I just yelled upstairs to Jude, "We got a mention in the Spawn Times!"