Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Progress Report

Last night, as the storm clouds bearing more tornadoes loomed overhead and the tornado warning sirens at Agnes Scott blared unrelentingly, we grilled yet another dinner. Despite the threat of decimation and the fact that we were both pretty sick of grilling, we were in high spirits because as of last night, we had cabinets up in our kitchen (sans doors, those came today) and our bathroom was fully tiled.

Because the news claimed the storm system was weakening we opted to go ahead and put the kids to bed upstairs. This has been no small task since Sarah moved out of the crib. Sarah likes to wander for one thing. And I think she's a little afraid of her new bed, though she refuses to admit it. Monday night we went up to check on them only to find Sarah had climbed into Kate's bed and couldn't manage to climb back down. Last night I went to check on them at 9, expecting them to be passed out because all was quiet, and instead found them both in Sarah's bed. Kate was lounging under the star nightlight, reading. Sarah was sitting next to her sister, playing with one of those horrid talking toys.

(I fear the talking toys. They object when you neglect them. It's just creepy. Sarah's got this talking globe that sings (only one song) and when you ignore it for awhile the dang thing chirps "Hi there!" As far as I'm concerned, those toys should all just have Glenn Close's voice saying "I won't be ignored, Lisa". And this, Kate & Sarah, is why we can't have a pet bunny.)

Anyway. I was pretty surprised to find them thus. It was such a cute scene I couldn't be mad, though. I re-tucked them in, allowing Kate to remain in Sarah's bed, left the room and assumed eventually they'd pass out. An hour later when we checked again, this is what we saw:

Moving on. The past two days have been all about tiling the bathroom (the shower looks gorgeous but being entirely white subway tile, does not photograph especially well) and installing kitchen cabinets. Here's what it's looking like at present.


Aunt So-So said...

I LOVE the cabinets! That's exactly what Chris and I were wanting for our kitchen but haven't had the money to do. Are those braces on the island for granite?

LMP said...

Formicastone, actually. Our main problem currently is that we can't find anyone to do the wood countertops we want on the island at the sink level. Our lives are hard, you know?

FlapScrap said...

Storage is THE aphrodisiac of the domesticated male. Nice work. It's real futuristic, I, I dig the tiles.

Anni said...

It looks fantastic! I can't wait to see it when it's done.