Friday, May 30, 2008

Kate Puts Her Tax Dollars To Work & Sarah Tests the Waters

Joy sent me this post, along with the photos. Thanks, Joy!

As Lisa indicated in a previous post Kate has been pretty resistant to getting in the pool. In an effort to help with that we feared would soon to become phobia I hyped up the opening of the new pool at McKoy Park. We talked about it for weeks. We went by the park to look at view the construction in progress. We talked about the grand opening party and the dignitaries that would be in attendance. Kate was told she could meet the Mayor. Lisa chided for her children to splash Aunt Jo-Jo. It was going to be fun.

Finally, May 23rd arrived. I arrived at Kate and Sarah’s school around 3:15pm and heard the first clap of thunder. No worries, storms move fast in these parts. As we exit the school building with too very excited little girls there were very dark skies, another clap of thunder, and possibly a drop or two of rain. Rain! What? Do you think we are afraid of getting wet?

Off to the park we go. There is funky music playing. There are hot dogs being grilled. There are cookies and chips ready to be eaten. There is rain, thunder, and now a bit of lightening.

The dignitaries began to arrive; Deputy City Managers, City Commissioners, and the Mayor. Kate was very excited by the Mayor’s arrival. Would meeting him hold up to the hype?

Kate met the Mayor who was dressed in a dignified grass skirt. After shaking Kate’s hand and a brief conversation the Mayor asked to be excused so he could cut the ribbon to officially open the pool. Kate grabbed the Mayor by the hand and said “first you need to see the pool with me”. As the crowd waited they surveyed the pool together and shared some conversation to which Sarah and I were not privy. I hope she asked that property taxes be lowered and historic homes preserved. Kate then allowed the mayor to return to his duties of cutting the ribbon. He graciously invited Kate to join him. First, she modestly declined not wanting to steal the lime light. Then she agreed. Meanwhile, Sarah flirted with the lifeguards.

Later, Kate was hobnobbing with the Mayor’s wife. I believe they were comparing proper princess attire. As they spoke I saw Kate gaze across the pool at the Mayor, who was discussing something with other City Staff members. She announced that she needed to go hug the Mayor. Off she went and gave the Mayor a hug.

Finally, they allowed the kids in the pool. They splashed. They giggled. They shivered and turned blue. Alas, the water in the pool was pumped from the well just that morning.

Sarah has no fear of the water and was among the group of the first children in the pool. Kate watched to make sure it was safe and then climbed in herself. Soon, Kate was venturing off into the deep water. They both had a blast. The sun finally cam out and it was a successful day! Finally, tired from all of her fun and fanfare, Kate sat down on her towel. Steve and I requested that she follow us into the dressing room to change out of her wet suit. Kate called to Peggy, the City Manager, and said “pick me up and carry me in there.” And she did.

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