Monday, May 26, 2008

Look Dad, No Holidays!

Memorial Day weekend. It looks to my coworkers like I'm really on vacation. I took off Friday and I took off tomorrow (because it's Jeremiah's birthday). But really, I've spent the past 4 days mostly just painting. The new bathroom, which we decided to paint a deep purple called "dewberry" took 3 of those days. I finally gave in and made Jeremiah roll out the rest of the rooms. It seems like such a tiny addition until you try to paint it.

Jeremiah and I are the Odd Couple of room painting and typically, I do all the painting because I'm a bit on the obsessive side. Very tidy. Very particular. And it's possible, very much a bossy pain in the neck. Jeremiah assumes that "painting a room" applies to the entire room and includes the person doing the painting and anything he might be standing on or around. And sometimes he leaves those noticeable splotches of space my Dad calls holidays.

I don't truck with holidays. And I'll tell you why. It's Dad's fault. Washing the car, painting a room or cleaning windows...if you carelessly left a spot undone he would point it out, taunt you loudly for doing "a halfass job" and then make you do the whole thing again. To this day I cannot even vacuum a room without moving every piece of furniture and vacuuming under it. I still take the cushions off the couch and vacuum those. I do not want to be made to do it all again before I can go outside and play with my friends. So it took me three days to paint the bathroom. holidays. And no holiday weekend, to speak of. The bedroom is mostly done, too, but it's color is so subtle you can't see it in the pictures. This is the best I could do:

Max dreams of escape.

The girls, meanwhile, got to hit the grand opening of the McKoy Park Pool on Friday with Aunt Jo Jo. Here are a couple shots of this fantastic pool and Kate actually swimming in it. This is something she will not come close to doing at the Y. We signed her up for "Gym & Swim" which is 30 minutes of gymnastics followed by 30 minutes of swim lessons. We quickly changed the name to "Gym and Refuse To Go Anywhere Near The Water". So, we are pleased with the new pool. We went back for an hour or so on Saturday. What? I needed a break from painting! Sheesh. More pictures of the grand opening are coming. Kate hobnobbed with the Mayor of Decatur and ended up getting to cut the ribbon. Joy is going to ask the city for the pictures.


FlapScrap said...

Yes, I remember Dad and painting. He used to say, "Painting?! You're too good for that; let your sister do it so's you and I can go get a popsicle and play lawn darts."

Anni said...

I like dewberry! It looks great. I spent part of my holiday painting little wooden letters (ABC), dinosaurs, a turtle, and some dragonflies for Cyrus's room.... Much smaller project. I have to confess to doing a sort of crappy job on the walls in there (color: oat grass, or something like that. Beige, basically.) but I was 8 months preggers at the time.

Anonymous said...

Looks great from what I can see...did you pick the one photo that showed no holidays? ;-}. Sounds like you're not about to accept any half-ass work!
Love, yodaddy.

LMP said...

Nonsense, Dad, there are NO holidays! If it turns out there are, we'll be employing some well-placed artwork to hide them.