Sunday, July 25, 2010

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!(etc)

I know I haven't finished the run-down of all our Camp Atlanta excitement, and that I cut myself off with the near this-Monkey's-gone-to-heaven tale of poor taste, but this is big, big BIG!

Today, after a mani/pedi with Grammy Margie (we all look gorgeous, darling), during a quick trip to the grocery store, Kate's very first loose tooth came out! Yes! And this momentous occasion happened on my Dad's birthday, which I think very nearly makes up for Sarah being born the day after his birthday, instead of on it. Maybe now he stop passive-aggressively fitting that slight into every single public speaking engagement he has. Happy birthday, Dad! I love you and I knocked my kid's tooth out just to prove it!

I did not expect to be making this announcement so soon. Indeed, the state of the tooth was only discovered on Wednesday, during Sarah's first-ever visit to the dentist, which was Kate's, I don't know 6th, or something. I expected a dressing down because I was unaware of the tooth's condition, which clearly disclosed the fact that I had not been flossing her teeth. I suspect I was let off the hook because the girls' lack of cavities. Hooray for good tooth genes!

Anyway, the excitement of the event rapidly turned to damage control - Birthday Princess Sarah felt her thunder was being usurped - and then some up-close time with the floor of Publix when Kate inevitably dropped her tooth and it bounced away. The floor of Publix is flecked with white, off-white and gray. Awesome. We finally had to call off the search when I'd cleared all the lower shelves and one of the employees had swept under all the uprights. Grammy Margie explained that she, herself, had swallowed her first lost tooth, but the tooth fairy was still able to find her. Crisis averted, but lost tooth was literally lost. Forever. Or, rather, until some unsuspecting employee finds it while restocking the shelves.

Upon review of this post, and a few others, I realize my iPhone makes Kate's face look a bit odd on close-ups. So, for future reference, please note, she doesn't quite look like that, really.

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