Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camp Atlanta - Wednesday, Because I Worked Thursday and Am Pouting About It.

Wednesday was World of Coke and Centennial Park fountains day! Because the wee ones don't really know what soft drinks are and because I wasn't interested in pumping them full of Coke from around the world, Jeremiah took the teen-agers to the World of Coke while I hung with my little homies for a bit.

The pictures you see here were all straight-up stolen from Abby and Mikey's posts in facebook (hence the sometimes tininess of them).

The cool weather we'd been enjoying since the 3rd took its leave of us the day before and it was feeling more like Atlanta in July at this point, so running through very cold water at the fountains was perfect. At first, when we all ran into the spouting water, Sarah was a little afraid. As soon as we got her in there, though, she was all over the place, and the very last one to come out. None of us had a camera handy while we were at the fountains, so you'll just have to imagine all the fun we had inside your own head. Feel free to imagine me a few inches taller.

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