Monday, July 26, 2010

Sarah Turns 4

It's hard to believe that this kid has been around for 4 full years already, but as of today, she has. Sarah is now 4 years, 1 hour and 17 minutes old.
I know everyone says this, but it seems like she was just a wee tiny infant on her mama's shoulder, posing for the newborn shots. Look how cute and cuddly! She's still like that, but with more hair and sass now.

We had the UnBirthday party for both girls, so we could have a calm, easy real birthday at home with the family. So naturally, I decided to spend 2 days making 8 Princess and the Frog themed teacup cupcakes. Because nothing says "relaxing" like trying to decorate a cake in 60% humidity with temperatures in the upper 90s. Had I been thinking ahead, I would have had these kids in the dry, cold months of winter, when I could store cakes on the porch. Anyway, here are the cakes:

The very last one there, with the daisies and the frog sitting on a daisy, that one's for the Birthday Princess. Kate helped decorate it. Here is Sarah watching her cake arrive on a silver platter, just in time for tea. OK, incredibly late for tea, but the girls didn't care. It's tea time somewhere, am I right people? People?

As you can see, like her sister 6 weeks before her, Sarah also received a Tiana dress, this one from her grandmother. Her aunt made her a lovely skirt with a great non-itchy top in Tiana colors, but it was less formal, so she went with the ball gown. In addition to teacup shaped cake, tea itself was served, by Kate, whose current life's ambition is to be a waitress.

After all that tea, we were a little revved up. Sarah got so stoked she was guzzling her tea straight from the pot. As is so often the case, the party got out of control. When the ladies get juiced up like that, there's only the dancing left to be done. The whirling dervishes cut loose to Sarah's new birthday CD, Michael Jackson's Bad. While I find that one appropriately named, the beat is pretty infectious. The photos were mostly blurry, but here are a couple -


karen said...

My birthday (9 Dec) is helpfully in the cold, dry winter and you may delight in making me a cake any (or every) year. If one cake isn't enough fun, both Ross (2 Feb) and Lars (30 Dec) are in good cake making months, too!

LMP said...

I would gladly construct a delicious confection in honor of your birthday, and that of your kids, especially Lars, whose birthday is the day after mine, but you'll have to come down here and pick them up yourself. In short - if I know you're coming, I'll bake a cake!

Lady Epiphany said...

I love the picture of you dancing with Kate. :)

LMP said...

Epiphany lives!

thanks, I like the one that's just her, seriously getting DOWN, with traces of frosting around her mouth.

Amelia said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl. Did I know she was a mere 10 days younger than my baby girl? I may have, once. Long ago when I did things like blog. Great job on the cake, mama.

LMP said...

Why thank-you, Amelia.

If memory serves, my 6 year old also celebrates her birthday (June 12) right around that of your 6-year-old.