Sunday, July 11, 2010

The UnBirthday Party

I will work through the week backwards. Yesterday was Kate and Sarah's shared UnBirthday Party. We rented a giant combo wet slide for this event. We could have rented out the entire McKoy Park Pool for 2 hours, after the pool closed for the day, or, for about the same price, we could rent this behemoth from Friday through Monday. Mikey left us the night before, and endured some hours in the airport while her plane was diverted during a thunderstorm that was cruelly positioned directly over the Atlanta airport. We did, however, have Keith, Chris and Sonya in the mix now so that was some comfort. Sonya, Ro* and Abby refused to partake in the bouncy water slide (fools) and instead hid out in the TV room watching Wonderfalls all afternoon.

The uncles knew a good thing when they saw it. Steve and Joy arrived with super soakers and we'd provided small squirt guns. When you put that many guns on the street, violence is inevitable. The children ganged up on "Sarah's Uncle Keith!" first, and he held his own for quite some time. Then Brendan (who brought a little mini-keg of Oberon with him, which kept the majority of the adults in the kitchen, close to it) and Steve got in the mix. Brendan rallied the children together against Steve. Ultimately, many of the adults (and I'm not saying there's a causal relationship here, but it was primarily the ones who'd helped drain that little keg) ended up in the bouncy thing, going down the wet slide, weight limit be damned.

Then there were cupcakes. I ordered a couple dozen from The Atlanta Cupcake Factory but I wanted to partake as well, so I made a couple gluten-free dozen in chocolate with cream cheese frosting and stacked them like a layer cake and used those straw-looking cookies as giant candles. It took on a very Dr. Seuss look nearly immediately, but the unbirthday girls were thrilled.

The last of the kids departed around 6 or so and Kate, Sarah, Jeremiah, Chris, Steve and eventually Abby, played in the giant bouncy water slide until around 7:45. Kate began playing out there as soon as it was set up around 1, so, she was pretty tired. She wept when we told her it was time to stop bouncing. Then she and her equally exhausted sister passed out.

The rest of us realized we were starving, had planned nothing for dinner, and ended up ordering sushi at 9:30 at night. The little girls know how to throw down.


Keith said...

Those little midgets TURNED on me.

Aunt So-So said...

OMG. We did too play in the bouncy house, just not during the party. Besides, if we would have played with the kids, poor Ro* would have seen the entire series and missed the last episode. Not cool.

Keith said...

Whatever. You missed an EPIC water bazooka war.

Aunt So-So said...

You know what I MISSED? Watching all of my baby water balloons being hatched. My finger still hurts a little from making 30 water balloons. Oh well. At least we saw how Wonderfalls ends and ate some cupcakes.

LMP said...

Your baby water balloons sprang tiny leaks, and when they were all clustered together in the kids' wagon, they made their own Wonderfalls. It was pretty!