Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hump Day

Kate is still a little stuffy and weary, but I'll come back to that. First let's discuss pizza.

Yesterday morning, Jeremiah and I realized too late, we'd failed to remove the meat we'd plan to grill from the freezer. That effectively put the kibosh on our dinner plans. Last weekend, Pam (holla!) told me that the pizza joint in Toco Hills, Uncle Maddio's, which I can easily pass on my way home, serves gluten free pizza. It's been over a year since I've been able to admit menu defeat and just order myself a slice of pizza and call it a night. So, I checked this place out online. Sweet merciful delights! Not only do they have gluten free crusts, but their signature pizzas looked tasty and I could just order what I wanted online, then show up en route home and bring home pizza yet to be baked, but freshly constructed. Suck it, pilgrims, this century rocks!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so I did that, but when I got there they'd made a mistake and instead of making me "take and bake" (niiiiice) pizzas, they'd cooked them. They simply re-did my order and let me have the cooked ones, which was very kind. I didn't want the cooked ones, but I was hungry and excited to taste the gluten free, so I took that one for sampling purposes. Gluten free pizza lovers of the world, unite! This pizza is so excellent I figured out how to cram it in my piehole while driving a stickshift!

Anyhoo. Seated at the dining room table, the girls enjoyed their own 6" pepperoni pizzas. I could tell Kate was fading. When dinner was over, we sat around chatting for a bit, then I retreated to the living room and talked to Dad on the phone for awhile, until I heard very heavy breathing coming from the dining room. It was Kate. She'd passed out at the table.

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gdaddyp said...

Great shot! Luckily she didn't fall out of the chair.