Monday, August 16, 2010

Disney Unwittingly Makes Strong Argument for Staycation

I am relaying a conversation that Jeremiah shared with me, so I may miss some of the details, but you'll get the gist. Somehow, Kate came to view a television ad for Disney cruises. In it, the voice over explains that there are lots of thrilling things for parents to do on this outrageously huge ship, but that there is also a special place for kids 'where they can do whatever they want!'.

Kate's ears pricked up at that. "Oh!" she exclaimed to Jeremiah "does that mean we can do Inappropriate Things?" He didn't say as much to me, but I would bet that in the seconds before he responded to Kate, Jeremiah's whirring mind sounded the internal Emergency Broadcast Signal. I also can't remember exactly what he told me he said to her but I'm guessing it went a little something like this - "Er....".

And then he said something about there being limits

"But some of us might want to dance around naked!" she concluded, as if to say that if such an activity were not allowed in the kids' place 'where they can do whatever they want!' this was an example of false advertising. It is well known in our home that Kate is a big fan of dancing around naked (but not of peaches, she informed us last night. The rest of us just can't understand that). We let her do that at home, so you see, there is really no need to go on a Disney cruise, where she would not be permitted to do her naked dancing. So thank-you, Disney cruises, for the thousands of dollars you just saved us. I don't even need to a buy an outfit for dancing.

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Anonymous said...

What happens on a Disney Cruise ship, stays on a Disney Cruise ship.