Friday, August 06, 2010

Some Stuff the Kids Said

Last weekend, when we were out of food but hungry for breakfast, we took the troops over to Sun In My Belly for some deliciousness and, as it happened, some funk. As we were being seated Shaft! (damn right) was being served up with the coffee. As you know, that song's a sing-along, so Jeremiah took the Isaac Hayes parts and I sang back up. We'd gotten as far as:

-They say that Shaft's one bad mother-
-Shut your mouth!
-I'm talkin' `bout Shaft!
-We can dig it

when Sarah interjected. "You guys are creeping me out!"

The pizzas I picked up for the girls the other day each came with a juice box. I forgot about those when I fed the kids, so they were still siting in the fridge the following morning. I was forcing an Emergen-C on Kate, who was still a little stuffy about the nose, so she didn't drink hers for breakfast like Sarah did.
Unfortunately, I failed to mention the juice to Jeremiah, so when he brought the girls home that afternoon, and Sarah promptly opened the fridge, pulled out Kate's juice box and said "can I have this?" Jeremiah let her. Sarah tossed that thing back like a shot of bad tequila because she knew. Sure enough, when Kate saw the crumpled shell of a juice box that remained she protested, Kate-style. By the time I arrived home the girls were slack-jawed on the couch in the TV room, watching Star Wars for the first time ever. I gave them the usual cheerful greeting with kisses, but when they're in that state you can't really penetrate it. Sarah broke her trance long enough to say "um, hey mom, where are there more juice boxes?". Then Jeremiah told on her. The painful reminder of the lost juice caused Kate to become upset once again.
This morning Kate came padding into the bathroom where I stood at the sink. We exchanged our good mornings and I inquired about her breakfast preferences. "I'll tell you what I want" she said flatly. "I want my juice box that my sister drank." I told her I would buy her another juice box. Just her. "Yes!" she agreed, because her real thirst was for justice. "And I want to drink it right in front of her while she doesn't get one!" Kate's drink is justice, with a splash of revenge.

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