Friday, August 27, 2010

Kate's Really Into Super Heroes Now

This afternoon the girls busted into the dress-up bin. I found them wearing all their dress-up clothes at once, they looked like Heidi in the fields. As Sarah sat yammering on to, I believe, the home's only remaining hermit crab, I reminded Kate of her declaration earlier this week. And I quote: I am done with princesses! I'm really into super heroes now.

At the mention of her edict, Kate looked sadly up at me. "Oh, Katie Lou, " I said, totally taken in, "you don't have to stick with that if you don't want to." She pursed her lips and reached up to me for the Lift & Hug. That move is getting harder and harder because she's growing like a weed, that one. She rested her head on my shoulder and sighed. "I'm going to miss the princesses" she said. Then, after a pause, she squeezed me tight and kissed my shoulder and said "you make me feel happy." At long last, I've discovered my super power.


Kevin said...

Mine's estimating distance.

LMP said...

We're both about as super powered as Aqua Man.