Tuesday, August 03, 2010

School's IN For the...Well, Still The Summer, Really

Yesterday was Kate's first day of first grade and Sarah's first day of Pre-K. For Sarah, that meant it was also her very first day of real school at the Big Kids' School. Otherwise known in these parts as Drew Charter School, where they're serving up mad reading and math skillz but we bring the diversity.

Kate and Sarah were ready to get their learn on in their stunning khaki and hunter green. To bump the sass up a notch, the sisters Drueke added a touch of flare with their complementary Lands End, monogrammed backpacks and matching lunch boxes. Yes, these girls are as fashion forward as they can be while working within the confines of a school uniform. This look kills in Milan!

We arrived at school with the hordes of other camera-toting parents, and walked from the satellite parking lot to the girls' new classrooms. Sarah was so excited she nearly ran, but remembered to be cool, and sort of galloped when she thought we weren't looking. When we reached her new classroom, she was not at all nervous. Kate provided her with hugs and assurance that all would be well, but she wasn't listening because she'd discovered the sweet sofa in the book nook.

Standing in her new classroom, Kate went all quiet-like. She did shake her teacher's hand and introduce herself. She quickly found her seat, with her name on a brand new composition book (OH how I love a new notebook filled with blanks pages for writing! So much potential! That wonderful smell!), and set to work writing about her summer. I peered over her shoulder and discovered she'd scribed the lyrics to the Motels "Suddenly Last Summer". Not really. I'm sure she went the Bananarama route instead.

When the day was over both girls were full of chatter and giggles and pronounced school "awesome". That held for a few hours and then Kate developed a mystery earache and I had to go pick her up from school today, not long after I'd completed the Back To School Commute From Hell but before I'd finished my coffee.

While she is a bit congested and puffy-eyed, and she did take a nap at school and again at home, she spent the majority of the afternoon zoning out, watching Robots (twice, because 'it's hilarious') with Monkey, while I attempted to get some work done. "This is so nice," she said to me while taking a break from her movie to sip the lasse I'd made her, "I love it here."

She's totally going back there tomorrow.


duchessnyc said...

totally not fair that your already adorable children get to dress in decent uniforms!!! ;)

LMP said...

The school is divided into "academies" by age group, and each academy wears a different colored shirt. One is red, so for a couple years there they'll be able to go straight from school to their shift at Target.

gdaddyp said...

Very excited, very gorgeous girls - all 3 of them! (Monkey's looking good too)