Sunday, April 10, 2011

Braves Game

Yesterday we took the girls to Turner Field to see the Phillies crush the Braves in a humiliating 10-2 loss. It was a character-building exercise. The nice thing, I thought, was that since the girls refused to enjoy our seats with a clear view of the pitcher's mound and easy access to the dugout for catching balls, at least I wasn't watching the awfulness unfold in real-time.

OH! check out Kate's short hair! Isn't it adorable? Couldn't you just die? She insisted that Aunt Jo Jo, who very kindly undertook trimming split ends on Thursday, cut it short like Sarah's so they "could be twins". She looks so grown up now, especially when you see how her little legs have taken off with a mind of their own. I love it. OK, moving on:

So we wandered the stadium. We sat in the giant chairs with the view of downtown. We admired the giant Coke bottle and watched the Chick-fil-A Cow do the tomahawk chop. Then the girls ran the single baseline up there. Kids love that. Sarah ran it, like, 5 times. Especially impressive since her shorts were, in fact, Kate's, and didn't fit her at all.

On our way back to the car we met a beautiful boa constrictor named Boss. The girls enjoyed petting him and Jeremiah decided it would be a good idea to hold him. Boss strangled Jeremiah to death and ate him, just as I warned him he would. So, it's really sad, and I had to drive home, but at least Jeremiah died knowing I was right.


karen said...

Kate's hair looks so cute! I'm sorry about Jeremiah...and thankful that Chris knows I'm right, so I don't have to kill him off with a boa constrictor after a baseball game. Good thing, too, because I don't really like watching baseball.

Reetay Arvaysay said...

I am so full of love for you, LP.
*ironic word veri: choka*

LMP said...

@Karen - I imagine Chris stays in line because there are hockey sticks in the house with a woman who really knows how to wield one.

@Tree - back at ya! Nice word verification. I had "matches" yesterday, but it wasn't a post about fire. Opportunity lost.

I forgot to mention that after Kate ran that baseline a couple times I told her she was REALLY FAST and asked if she runs like that at school. She said "No. I don't like to show off".