Saturday, April 16, 2011


Last weekend, with all the sun and highs in the 80's, it felt like full-on summer. I worried our spring had occurred on Friday between 2 and 3:45AM and I'd missed it. Kate, as she had the previous weekend, begged us to set up her pool. Saturday was very busy and we didn't have time so we said we might do it on Sunday. Sunday we became engrossed in our respective activities and it was so late by the time we were ready to stop doing what we were doing, that it was just a bad time for pool set-up. We promised a crestfallen Kate (and a mildly disappointed, but less invested Sarah) we would set the pool up today.

Today, it is mostly cloudy, windy and around 67 degrees outside. Kate did not care. She held us to our promise and so, we pulled that old thing out, gave it as good a cleaning as possible, and filled the shallow part of it. Both girls were thrilled. Both girls swam. Indeed, Kate even went entirely under water. I stood on the patio, holding a couple towels, watching in disbelief as two shivering girls refused to get out. They actually seemed to be having fun, but they were blue. When Sarah decided to swim with her winter jacket on, I just set the towels down near-by and got a few chores completed. I mean, who's going to reason with that, you know?

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