Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Oh GOD, Spring Break

You know what? Not everyone can take off the same week in April, OK? I hate spring break. I don't have this kind of time to figure out what to do with my kids while half my company heads to the beach with theirs. Jeremiah couldn't even take a single day because someone else in his department already had the whole week. Lucky for us neither of our companies has a "What is, this, a daycare?" policy and we have Joy. The combination plus my taking off Monday gets our week covered, but let me tell you something, trying to work while your kids are in your office is exhausting. It's like doing 2 full time jobs simultaneously and I just can't hack it. I'm not Jamaican! Anyway, Monday was really nice. So let's focus on that.

For starters, more sunshine, more temperatures in the upper 70s. The girls and I walked to Sun in My Belly for breakfast [as I write this, Lydia, ever faithful, every vigilant, ever flatulent, is by my side. The whole room smells like a big turd. We really need to address her diet]. I gave Kate the camera while we walked to breakfast. Here's the work of my starving artist:

Breakfast was delicious, as always. We wrapped that up so we could scoot to our next exciting activity. A visit to the park with friends! We walked from breakfast to McKoy Park where we met Dean and Kennedi from Sarah's class. They laughed. They cried (literally). They grew together, individually and as a group.

Then it was back home with my girls for lunch. From there, we were off to REI, where Kate and Sarah became the proud new owners of some summer shoes. The fact that these shoes are waterproof is a huge hit with them. Once home from REI, I broke the once-a-week treat day rule and baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for them, and we snacked on milk and cookies while watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (again) together. A very good day.

They spent the last 2 days at work with Daddy and Mommy, respectively. What a pain. I'm so tired I don't even know I'm typing this.

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