Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Earth Day

"Who's birthday?"
"No, Earth Day"
"No, not a birthday. Earth Day"

They figured it out. We hit the community garden for Earth Day fun on Sunday. The weather was perfect for just such an outing. We took a look at the cakes entered in the cake decorating contest (next year...next year...) and we said hi to the chickens. The place was packed, and they had live music. My very favorite part (and I think everyone else's, judging by the crowd at the tent) was the birds of prey guy. He had several owls with him, and a couple falcons. When I first wandered up he was holding the baby Eurasian Eagle owl, Tzar (or maybe Czar. Could be Tsar, I didn't ask). The Eurasian Eagle owl is the largest owl in the world. Did you know they live to be about 70? I did not. Anyway, he was asking a little kid who his favorite pet was, and the kid said his dog or something and the bird guy said "this is mine." When he said that, he touched Tzar on the chest, and Tzar gave out a little hoot that caused the me, and the woman standing right next to me, to involuntarily say "Awh!" and for a moment, wish we had an owl. It doesn't take long to realize that is probably not a good pet to have. I do love owls. I'm a fan of most birds, but owls are my favorite. Yeah, I said it. I like them best. Chickens, you're still the funniest, but , perhaps it's their unattainably that makes owls so seductive. You know how that goes. Here's a couple shots of the owls that put in the Earth Day appearance. Tzar is in the 2 on the right. Don't even try to tell me these birds aren't beautiful; I will pop you right in the mouth. For a $5 donation to whatever educational outfit this guy was with (I know, I should have found that out, but I was too taken in by the birds) you could hold one of the birds and have your picture taken with him. The girls both insisted they wanted to hold Tzar, but when she had the chance to pet him, Sarah was too terrified to touch the giant owl. So I did. I was a little giddy about it.

By the time we left we had two very hyper children. They giggled and yelled the whole way home. Then they swam some more in the freezing cold pool. Silly girls. Yes, that is underwear on Kate's head. I don't know.

I can't get all this extra space to go away. I should really just learn html and stop my whining.


jennifer said...

owls are my fav too :)

Kevin said...

She's got that bikinakimbo stance down cold!

LMP said...

Oh, that Sarah is full-on sass.