Friday, January 19, 2007

So I'm standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes, while Kate is doing laps around the kitchen-dining room-living room circuit and Sarah is stone cold chillin' in her bouncy seat. Doppler effect squealing behind me, adorable cooing next to me, NPR news in the air. I hear Kate stop. She is standing slightly behind me, silently. Then I hear her say "eeewwwh, it's YUCK!"

Without turning around I say to her "what's "YUCK", Kate?" which is met with silence. So I turn around and see her squatting, eye to orifice, pointing at Lola's butthole. It's obvious she's giving serious consideration to sticking her finger in there. Lola is blissfully unaware about the unpleasantness she's in for. I hold my breath because if she's going to do it, I'm too far away to stop it. Time stands still. Lola stands still. Kate stands back up and gets back to running laps.

It reminded me of that story Kevin emailed us about the Russian scientist whose equipment told him the USA had launched a missile at the Soviet Union. His instincts told him the report was incorrect and for a few moments he did nothing. Then it turned out his technology was misinforming him and his pause had prevented our nuclear annihilation while we slept, unaware of it all. You know, like how Lola never knew she was about to get a finger up her butt. It's practically the same thing.


Farrago_NW said...

No way has it come to this. Where is your journalistic integrity? This is not news, Connie Chung, it's an excuse to flash a bunghole photo at everybody on earth. On behalf of us all: thanks for that.

By the way, nice lighting.

Delphi said...

Reminds me of the time the dog sat on my sister's face. Hee hee.

RFKeith said...

That is so hot. I will be adding this image to my Whack-o-dex.