Friday, February 23, 2007

Calling it "yoga" is a bit of a stretch

We'd planned to head up to the mountains for our long weekend early, but when we realized we couldn't check into the cabin until 3PM, I (far more than Jeremiah) became extremely lax about our departure. So, I managed to fit in a training walk. Kate joined me. It's lovely out. When I got back I decided to try out the 20 minute stretch portion of my new Kathy Voight Yoga Strength/Stretch DVD. Kate joined me in that endeavor as well. It's nice to have a stretching partner. Sort of.


RFKeith said...

I always got the same sort of help from Ro when I played the guitar. That is why I canno longer remember how to play the guitar.

Epiphany Alone said...

I don't know how to do downward facing dog without someone hanging off of me. The backstretch over child's pose is also a favorite here.

Delphi said...

I have the same problem with the cats. The yoga mat comes out and they are all over it. I do down dog and they are under me so moving to a lunge is problematic. But they're so cute I don't have the heart to move them.