Sunday, February 04, 2007

Higher Education

These days, I use my hard-earned BFA to develop Crystal Reports and write SQL code. I'm quick to point out, though, that stage management bears so much in common with today's Project Management, that my degree really is paying off. Sort of.

This morning Kate is watching Mary Poppins. Again. She's taken to dancing and singing all the songs (it's painfully cute). Now she'll enter a room and say "Hello, Mary! Spit spot!". While we were eating our breakfast and watching Kate dance around in front of the television, demanding that we "step in time, step in time!" I said "I sure hope she doesn't decide to be a theatre major." Jeremiah said "If she does, she better hone up on her programming skills." I briefly considered letting Jeremiah see some of my face-punching skills...but I had to admit he had me there.


Farrago_NW said...

Theater majors can also be:

the friend you call after a one-nighter

the one who brings the crepe paper

the trunk of any phone tree

the one who holds your hand while you're dying (especially if nobody else likes you)

Delphi said...

Stage management applies to so many facets of life. The trouble comes when the crew doesn't snap to and perform on cue.

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

We really need theater majors. Imagine a world without "Remains of the Day" lunch boxes and "My Dinner with Andre" action figures.

RFKeith said...

If she does become a theatre major, at least you won't have to worry about her sleeping with any of the guys in her class.
PS - I would happily kill anyone in this comments list in exchange for a Remains of the Day lunch box.
PPS - If you can't find the matching Thermos, I'll only maim someone.

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

The DQ was giving out "Remains of the Day" lunch boxes when you bought 2 or more blizzards in Aug 2004. It was a promo for going-back-to-school.

RFKeith said...

August of '04 was when I was on my Health Kick. I was eating only one Blizzard at a time back then.

jdrueke said...

I think this might be better than the lunchbox:

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Thanks Jeremiah.
Subject change - you are a life saver, Lisa. Irene has the worse cough and refuses to take her yummy cough medicine. As you know she hates food or trying anything. So I sang "A spoonful of sugar" from Mary Poppins and it WORKED!!! Your post improved Irene's health.