Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend in the woods

We spent the weekend at a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA. Figuring February would be bringing us down by now, Jeremiah and I rented the place and invited our friends to join us. So, Steve, Joy, Rusty, Jennifer, Eric, Raigan and Bob (Debbie was terribly ill. We missed you, Debbie!) all got our Relax on in the mountains. Here's the view from the uppermost deck (off the kitchen/dinging room) of the cabin. Kate LOVED the water and probably went up and down those steps 15 times in 36 hours. Sometimes without being carried. The cabin was delightful. While there, Sarah showed off her pimp-daddy style and worked on learning to crawl.
We did some very light hiking. The children, you see, are heavy. I'm guessing we probably walked a whole 4 miles all day. Jeremiah tried to teach Kate how to skim stones but it quickly disintegrated into Kate hefting the biggest rocks she could lift into the water and laughing until she snorted at the hilarity of the ensuing splash. She's easily amused. She gets that from me.While we ambled around the woods, throwing rocks in the water and hardly breaking a sweat, Rusty and Jennifer ran 14 miles. We bumped into them as they were hoofing it straight up hill. Here's a shot of that, you can see Rusty in his gay-ass running shorts. Showoffs.
After we grew weary of throwing everything we could find (in nature, of course) in the water, we went back to the cabin. Jeremiah and I managed to trick Steve and Joy into carrying our kids up the gigantic hill we'd hiked down, it was great.

Back at the cabin, we ate and drank a bunch. Yes, I wore my yummy sushi pajamas at the dinner table. What's it's to ya? Also, Bob is not blinking in that picture of him, he's asleep. He feel asleep with drink in hand. Steve removed the beverage (to prevent spillage, isn't he thoughtful?) before photographing him for posterity. That's Eric picking his nose. He's a classy guy.

Kate was not present at dinner that night. All that rock throwing wore her out completely. Sarah too (watching is busy work.) Kate was so tired that once we managed to convince her she should take a nap, at 4PM, she didn't want to get back up. She did get up, however, when I suggested she eat something. She ate nearly nothing and was very grumpy. The next morning she woke up complaining that the tea party (she still refers to any fun gathering as a tea party) was too loud. What a square! We did get pretty emotional over Rusty and Jennifer's Ms. PacMan game. At one point, Rusty even spilled a glass of wine and it completely covered Jennifer's butt.

When we returned home today the weather was gorgeous. Sunny and 64 degrees. We went to the park, where Kate ran around the softball field holding the armadillo purse Steve gave her this weekend. All the kids at the park were fascinated by her fabulous accessory and she wasn't about to put it down. I think we did a good job of wearing her out this weekend. I went upstairs to kiss her goodnight immediately after Jeremiah tucked her in, at 7:30 sharp, and she was already passed out cold. Sarah had already been out for 45 minutes. Night-night, babies.


Anni said...

Wow, sounds like a pretty fun tea party! Especially the wine and the 64 degrees part. It's still as cold as a witch's titty up here. I'm looking forward to . . . May. But I'm sure it'll be here before I know it. I love that photo of you and Sarah at the end -- gorgeous, both of you!!

Kicking N. Screaming said...

Awh, thanks. Every now and then you have to stop and play with your baby's toes. Sorry about the witch's tit weather you've got up there. We've been complaining about the lack of cold here, believe it or not. I didn't even get in the hot tub at the cabin, it was too warm out!

Delphi said...

I am pea green with envy. It looks like a beautiful place. And the 65 degrees. Damn, woman. But I forgive you.

Pat said...

Love the Georgia mountains, and I love the pictures Looks like a fun "tea party" to me. Sorry to hear that it's still COLD where all of you are.....we in Florida are already having 80 degree days. It's going to be a hot summer.