Saturday, June 23, 2007

Moments of Silence

I know, I've failed to post all week. I'd say I'm sorry but I promise, you haven't missed much. This week both girls have been fighting off a nasty cold. They have been goopy-eyed, stuffy-nosed and tired which makes them grumpy, whiny and intractable. In addition to that, work has been extra busy (end of the quarter, don't you know) and the hours of work I've lost to having to care for Sarah at home because daycare mistook her cold for pink eye even though it was not pink eye (they even posted that there was a case of pink eye in the infant room) cost me dearly.

Then there's the mess. The cat has been very busy shedding entire other cats on every surface in the house, including those on which we prepare our meals. The sick kids have left a trail of various toys and cat-hair-covered dolls in their unpredictable wakes and I noticed this morning that the dog puked on the living room floor last night.

Last night while she was eating some pizza at the kitchen peninsula, Kate peed. Pee everywhere. Once she realized what had happened, Kate broke down into a whimpering, sometimes screaming, mess. That set Sarah off. She was in her high chair, out of which she's pretty good at wriggling - once I turned around to rinse off some dishes and turned back around only to find Sarah fully standing in the chair, waving her arms and grinning from ear to ear. So Sarah's attempting to throw herself from the chair, there's pee on everything, Kate's screaming, the dog is walking through the see, I wasn't really thinking of blogging.

I was thinking of packing a bag and running very, very far away. Ultimately I opted to remain here because for some reason the thought of being without these horrible children and unsanitary pets makes me sad. I just wish the maid would come by.


grandoldpop said...

I called your maid to find out where the hell she had been! She apologized profusely and promised to show up without fail on Sunday, June 31st.
(You obviously haven't been using the "Call Maid" button on your refrigerator).

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

I'm going to pretend I did not read this post. Instead I will admire the darlings at Kate's birthday tea-party.

Anonymous said...

Dang, now you haven't posted in a bunch more days. Maybe you should change the name to Yawn Times.