Monday, June 04, 2007

Sometimes life is just too busy for all this blogging nonsense. I don't even remember my weekend, which is pretty bad considering I took a personal day on Friday to extend said weekend to 3 whole days. It seems I never stopped doing stuff that I simply had to do and yet my house is a disaster. Thank God Jeremiah finally located and dealt with the giant hairball Max produced so vociferously Saturday night, or it would certainly still be under the kitchen table for Sarah to find and try to eat. Yeah, it's been like that.

Anyway, for those of you tuning in to get the update on the grandkids/nieces/friend's babies here it is. Sarah cut her first tooth yesterday! This is especially exciting because, while Kate seemed perfectly content eating the purees I made her (and indeed, still wants smoothies at least 4 times a week), Sarah cries to eat whatever we're eating. She will not be appeased by some other chow. If I'm consuming a sumptuously grilled filet mignon (which I haven't in some time...that sounds really good come to think of it...) while feeding Sarah chicken and spinach puree, she really wants the steak. I can't say I blame her. But she has no teeth. So, the arrival of tooth #1 on the bottom in the front means things will soon become easier.

We were giving Sgt Pepper's an anniversary listen in the car on Saturday while running errands. When we got out of the car Kate said "I like that song about the sky". The sky...the sky...Ah! Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Jeremiah and I were pleased to learn she's a Beatles fan. That is, until we were made to listen to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (frankly, never one of my favorites) 78 more times through-out the remainder of the weekend. She also really loves KD Lang's Big Boned Gal. The two do not go well together. We are not allowed to sing along with, sing a capella, or dance to either of these songs or, indeed, any song in which she has an interest. Head bobbing in the driver's seat is considered dancing and is strictly forbidden.

That's really all I've got for you. The girls have been enjoying bike rides in the bike trailer but since we're busy riding our bikes while they're enjoying that I have no photos of it. Sarah's on the very brink of taking her first steps, but so far that little control freak makes us go to her.


RFKeith said...

When Ro was Kate's age, she used to command the CD player from the backseat. She would shout, "Bad song! Nudder song, daddy!!", after the first two notes of a song played.

I'm pleased to report her tastes have taken her to Pink Martini and Woody Guthrie these days. She has NO PATIENCE for Dire Straits ("why does every one of their songs fade in at the beginning?")

Navilyn said...

Great! How old is Sarah, now?

Epiphany Alone said...

When Lauren turned 3, she started demanding what every song is about. That's a harder question to answer than you'd think, in terms of what a 3-year-old can comprehend.