Friday, December 21, 2007

Lights in the attic

People keep asking me if Kate is now old enough to "get it" in reference to Christmas. Yes, I know exactly what they mean, but every time someone asks my mind whirls with all the potential definitions of "getting it" to which one might refer regarding the season. Oh, it's heavy alright. Has she embraced the spirit of giving? Does she understand the symbolism between light, the renewal of life (seasons cycle) and the idea of the birth of a savior who would subsequently die and be reborn? What Santa Claus has to do with it? The point of dragging a tree indoors?

The other night when we went to Steve & Joy's for the girls' sleepover, I let Kate bring their gift inside. I handed it to her when she emerged from the car and I said "I see Uncle Steve through the window, give him this and say 'Merry Christmas, I made this for you!'" I tell her stuff like that all the time and she never gets anywhere close to remembering her lines. Steve opened the door, Kate stepped inside, proffered the gift bag and very sweetly said "Merry Christmas! I made this for you!" I was surprised to note that it was nearly 20 minutes before Kate suggested that perhaps she should get a gift...

Last night Rusty and Jennifer stopped by with gifts for Kate & Sarah. Kate was watching them get out of their car and ran to greet them at the door. She opened the door and they said hello and she said "Do you have a gift for me?", like the troll at the bridge.

When people ask me that question, "Does Kate get it now?" I sigh and say "Oh yeah. She gets it".

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