Sunday, December 23, 2007

Poor little gingerbread people never saw it coming

Joe and Bucky of the Upper Third Avenue Joe & Bucky establishment left a basket of goodies on Steve & Joy's front porch addressed to Kate & Sarah. In the parcel, among other items, one adorable gingerbread house. Even though the gingerbread house resembled a real house in most ways (in fact it looked a lot like Greg's house across the street from Joe & Bucky's...hmmm...) the girls knew instantly it would taste good. Being funk-loving children, they tore the roof off the sucker right away.


FlapScrap said...

Those little girls are tied for the second cutest little girls I've ever seen.

naviwilliams said...

I'm sitting here, cracking up, this post and more importantly it's title is just hilarious!!!