Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chicks in the City

I love chickens. I have always found them inherently funny. Also, I love to eat them and their eggs. But mostly I love to watch them. Apparently, I am not alone. Today was the Chicks in the City tour of urban chicken coops, sponsored by the Oakhurst Community Garden. Isn't the flier delightful? I volunteered to sell tickets for a couple hours. When I arrived, over 100 tickets had already been purchased online, and we had a throng of chicken enthusiasts waiting in line to buy their tickets. CNN showed up and I'm told channel 11 had been by earlier. Seriously, CNN. When you've got to fill 24 hours, though, I can see how you'd be willing to send a crew out for the chickens.

I missed last night's Coop Crawl for the hosts and volunteers because I was at work too long and Kate's been sick; I felt the need to stay close to home. So the volunteer coordinator on this, Claire, sent me away around 3:30 so I could take in a few coops. I rushed home in the remarkable heat (it was 87 degrees outside!) and grabbed Sarah (Kate's fever had returned). We only made it to one coop, the swankest one, about a block from our house, before Sarah decided she wasn't feelin' it. What a drag.

The house we hit was great, though, because they'd also just hatched some baby ducks and there were fish in a tiny little fountain by which Sarah was fascinated. She preferred the fish to the ducks and the chickens, in fact. They were beautiful, though, those chickens in the mist.


Keith said...

You can come see our ladies any time. $10.

Boomin' Granny said...

Hey, I know the owner of those chickens and think I can get you in for free! I hear there is a special in early September, can you be here then??

FlapScrap said...

If it's a blue plate special, I'm in.