Sunday, April 05, 2009

Early Earth Day

Several months ago Keith posted this on his blog, and I was inspired. We plan to one day have a garden...once our contractor finally gets the grading completed on the project we began over a year ago. I still have faith. On this gorgeous Saturday afternoon, Steve & Joy joined us on the concrete slab in our back yard that will one day be our square foot garden, and we made worm bins. I picked up the supplies at Lowes Friday during my lunch break and Steve & Joy picked up some worms at our community garden (which you should totally join if you live near-by).

See? There are the worms, in their existing compost. It's pretty yucky.

So first, we cut up a whole bunch of newspaper. Everyone helped with that. Except Sarah, who thought the project was dumb.

Sarah entertained herself by tormenting Lola, who was just trying to lounge in the sun, and drawing with chalk all over her gymnastics outfit. All that ended when the power tools and water squirting commenced. More on that in a moment.

Next, we drilled the holes in our bins. Kate learned how to use power tools! Then she helped her sister.

Then, after we glued screening over all the holes, it was time to lay down the worms' bed of shredded newspaper and moisten it with a spray bottle. The girls primarily enjoyed spraying one another. It was pretty hot on that sun-baked slab of concrete that will one day be our square foot garden, so you can't really blame them.

Next, we piled on lots of old leaves and dirt. Happily, we hadn't cleaned up any portion of our yard since October, so there was plenty of that type of material all around us for the taking. After the dirt and leaves went in, it was time to add worms and some organic material for them eat. Eeeewwwwh.

Hey, check out Kate holding that worm in her bear hand. Remember when she was this kid?

We added more wet, shredded newspaper on top of the worms and their food, and put the lids on. Our bins were complete! Now, to feed them each day, and turn the compost from time to time. It's going to take a good 6 months before it's usable, but that's okay, since our square foot garden is currently a concrete slab. Not that I'm at all irritable or impatient about that. Not at all. Once that fun was completed, Joy planted wild flowers by the driveway with the girls.

We tucked our worm bins away from the drying sun and now...we wait. Wish the worms luck! Not that they have anywhere to go yet, since our square foot garden is currently just a concrete slab. I'm cool with that, though. It's no big deal.


Boomin' Granny said...

What a cool project! Love the pictures!!
The link which inspired you says NOT to put holes in the top, something about drowning the worms when it rains........and letting in too much light-worms don't like light.
Have lots of fun with your worms.
I am VERY impressed that Kate is holding a worm.

LMP said...

Mom, you have to watch the little video on the link. It shows you how to build a bin, step by step. Also, it's light and amusing.

Emily said...

Hal would no doubt be impressed by your young Enviromentals!

Boomin' Granny said...

I did!
Read the column on the left. It says to pretend you don't see the holes on their top! So sorry.

Keith said...

The holes in the bottom are for drainage. The holes in the top are inconsequential. The worms need air. Make some air holes in the side or the top. Worms do not like light, but that's why they go underneath the stuff. In the video, Hal (who is Emily's former landlord) clearly states, "this isn't rocket science."
Calm down, everybody. You're at a 9 and you need to be at a 2.
PS - I sent link to this post over to Hal. I know he'll be pleased.

FlapScrap said...

Calmer'n you are.

Gotta Knit! said...

Aw Man, we would have shown up earlier if we'd known there was a Worm Party going on!

LMP said...

Dang, Debbie, now I wish I'd thought to ask if you guys wanted to come build a worm bin, too. We could have had a whole worm-a-palooza and THEN dinner. Still, dinner was fun, thanks for joining us!

FlapScrap said...

I need a high-res of that "piss off" picture of Sarah, please.

Hal said...

Awesome job guys! and great set of pics!

as for the holes in the top, leigh and I originally did put holes in the top but the "worm lady" informed us it wasn't a good idea if the bin lives outside (too much light and water from rain). If it lives inside, then it's not as much of an issue. The good news is, since the project involves two bins, we had two lids. (and just ended up using the undrilled one)

Congrats again!! glad to have been a part of this in some small way!

P.S. don't forget to check out the restaurant trash video next!