Thursday, April 30, 2009

Naked and High

Last weekend we cleaned out the shed because it's about to get a make-over. It was hot work. The girls grew weary of playing in the sun while we pulled all the stuff out of the out-building. Then, as if to intentionally torture them, we stood around our empty yard and took pictures. We wanted photos to help us decide what to plant where. The girls tried, unsuccessfully, to get our attention. Then, we planted our very first tree - a tea olive. See? Cute right? We're hoping it will prosper and fill the yard with its sweetness come late summer/early autumn. By hole-digging time the girls had stripped off all their clothes. By mulch-laying time, they were literally climbing the walls.

My feeling was that, while the kitchen was now filled with the toys from their playroom and nearly impassable, and they were climbing on the furniture and countertops and probably getting their snot on everything at least they weren't setting stuff on fire while we ignored them.


The Plaid Sheep said...

Is that a wine fridge you have there? (notice how I see the item in the picture that interests me?) I am envious.

LMP said...

We have a wine fridge, and around the corner from that...a beer fridge. No lie.