Friday, April 10, 2009

Looking Gorgeous

Today daycare was closed and it was my turn to take the day off and hang out with the offspring. We had a stellar morning. We went to breakfast, played at the Gazebo, picked up eggs for Sunday's hunt and then came home in time for lunch. Then, because mommy needed to wrap a few items up at the workplace, Aunt Jo Jo helpfully arrived and took the children away. When she returned they each had a new chair in their size. Sarah had a purse with phone, license, credit cards and shades. Kate had a princess make-up kit.

We've been promised severe storms today at any moment. The sun was out when they got home, though, so we opted to play outside. Sarah and I decided blowing bubbles would be a good thing to do out there.

Kate asked if I would bring her Sleeping Beauty vanity out so she could put on her make-up. Here's how Kate applies make-up:

Which is eerily similar to this:
All was going well until the over-tired girls disintegrated into wretched behavior and I was forced to put them down for naps. They did not nap. Mommy needs a drink. Here's some more of the cuteness I photographed before I had to put down the camera and get all authoritarian and mean.

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Thanks for the Wild At Heart still. You so awesome.