Friday, April 03, 2009

A Note for Dr Haun

I know I've been absent. I've been spending all my time (seriously, all of it) over here, checking up on my niece Ro* (she likes the star there, just go with it) who just had the first of 2 major spine surgeries. I have lots of blog fodder but have not been in the mood to chronicle any of it.

But I want to mention this before it slips my mind. I've devised a game for the girls (well, Kate mostly, because Sarah doesn't give a damn) to help them learn about the food groups (holy crap, there's 5 now?) and how to choose what to eat. More on the details of this game later; it's going better than I expected. I will say this - the game involves earning little tokens for servings from each food group. Before I started, I worried that paying my kids to eat would make them crazy later. Naturally, I turned to the best child psychiatrist there is, Dr Eloise Haun. I emailed "am I going to ruin my children forever by doing this?" She sent back several very helpful suggestions and did not say that this game would make them crazy, which I took to mean "something is bound to make them crazy, why over-analyze it".

One of the things Eloise suggested was explaining what different foods do. Greens make you strong, orange veggies make you see in the dark, corn makes your poop chunky (OK she didn't say that one), etc.

Kate was refusing to even try the sweet potatoes I'd roasted for them and I was attempting to gently coerce her into sampling them. Sometimes I'm shocked at what she won't eat. Seriously. Roasted sweet potatoes? It's practically dessert! So I pulled out the super powers card. "If you eat your sweet potatoes they'll help you see in the dark!" I exclaimed happily. What a boon! Kate heaved a sigh and said "I'd rather just use a flashlight."

I wouldn't describe every day as a victory.


DCificare said...

I dont know how I managed to stumble here from the Ro* blog [what I call it] when I should be working. Hell I should be making other people work too. The office is going to hell, I tell you.
Anyway, I was taught to eat everything but beets by the aforementioned Dr. Haun. I cant believe she didnt tell you her secret weapon. "It's grown up food. You might not like it." I would eat an old shoe with dog poop on it if she said that. But not beets.
Eat your eggs. It's brain food.

LMP said...

How astonishing you should arrive here on the one day I write about yer mama! Come visit more often!

(No one who loves Ro* has worked at all since Monday. In a round-about way, she may end up being responsible for even larger numbers on the April jobs lost report.)

Keith said...

Ro's dad here. She's sleeping, so I thought I'd check in. Wasn't it Dr Haun who put kids in charge? "Harvie, would you be in charge of taking out the trash?"
Kate could be put in charge of getting Sarah to eat sweet potatoes.
OK ... back to the blog update. Mst feed the beast.

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

I told Irene once that fruits and vegetables make you very tall and big. She said "Well, I like to stay short". Enjoy another hot dog you sassy lass.

DCificare said...

"Being in charge" of something came from a family visit to Jake at Outward Bound NC. [Jake taught there for while] At the breakfast coffee station, an instructor handed a container of half and half that he had just used to Frank. He said, "Would you be in charge of putting the lid back on that cream, please?" We died laughing. And we put people in charge of trivial responsibilities as a manner of course ever since.
We actually ran the French Broad river at 5,000 cfs [very high flood]with that guy later in the day. He was put in charge of many, many things.

LMP said...

I use this often. I like to put the only other person in a room with me in charge of "making it quiet in here."