Sunday, August 09, 2009

How to Beat the Heat Out on the Street

Well we had a good run in July. I think we probably had the AC off and the windows open for at least 5 days and even more nights. In July! Now it's August. Things have changed. It's August in Atlanta. I can't really complain, I mean, we knew about the weather before we chose to move here and anyway, this king-ka-maya-maya heat is pretty brief and then we get a nice, mild winter.

It was 95 and sunny today. Here's our short list of how to have fun without outdoor play (our preferred Fun Mode).

1. Take in a show at the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts (we learned today it's the largest program of its kind in the WORLD.) We're thinking of joining. We've been to 2 shows there now and they were both most awesome. Today we saw Pinocchio with found-objects puppets. The girls got meet Pinocchio after the show and the didn't even have to show their boobies to get to say hi to him.

2. Take a trip to the library. Last week Kate's daycare program was officially over and school doesn't begin until tomorrow (big day!). Kate got to spend a lot of time with Aunt Jo Jo while Sarah was at daycare. Sarah was pretty good about it but I promised her she and I would do something special of her choosing, just us. She thrilled me by choosing to go to the library. I love that kid.

3. See actual kids in a candy store. It's like Geeks in an electronics shop. There's a candy/fudge shop in downtown Decatur called Green's. We hadn't visited it before. We went today and all it was missing was the Oompa loompas (I wouldn't say I was missing them, Charlie).

4. Go home, head up to the office and watch 80s videos on the Mac. Kate was transfixed, I tell you. Sarah danced all over the room. My favorite was watching her get down to Walk Like an Egyptian.

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