Thursday, August 20, 2009

She Has a Great Personality and She Makes All Her Own Clothes. Telekinetically.

As you know, Joy has made the girls several delightful dress-up ensembles. She shared with us the other day that Kate, upon being shown the peddle that controls the sewing machine, was astonished. Up in the office where Joy had the sewing machine set up to make the latest creation, Kate saw how Joy makes the needle function and said "Ohhhhh!!!! I thought you were doing that with your mind."


Aunt So-So said...

When I was around Kate's age I split my head open on a coffee table and was rushed to the emergency room. I was laying on the table being examined by the doctor when he left the room. I asked my dad what the doctor was going to do next, and he told me that the doctor was going to sew my head wound closed. I said, "no dad, my head can't fit in a sewing machine".

Sister K said...

aw....well, in a way she's using her mind :)i looove the thoughts of 3-5 yr. olds!