Saturday, August 22, 2009

Moments with Sarah

This is my current favorite Sarah outfit. She knows she shouldn't have her shoes on the furniture, but it's a good shot of the total ensemble, so I let it slide for the moment. She's also not supposed to have food in the TV room. These kids today, I tell ya.

Here's the witch, zapping us with a spell, sending her familiar off to do her evil bidding. Yes, she's wearing a cowgirl hat. That's how this witch rolls.


karen said...

I would totally wear that first outfit! I'm not sure I could pull off the cowboy hat/witch one, though...I lack style that way.

LMP said...

I know, right? I would wear that first one, too, right down to the brown flip flops. Makes me want to go hang out on the dock of the bay.

Sister K said...

love both!!! i'd wear it too :) kids get all the good wardrobe!