Tuesday, August 04, 2009

You Heard The Lady

The other night we dined at Steve & Joy's. We were there a bit past the girls' bedtime and they were stinky. In fact, I'd realized it had been 5 days since their last bath. Oops. Since it was so late and since they were so stinky Steve gave them a bath while the rest of us sat around the table talking about how nice it was that they were getting a bath. We could hear the goings on from the bathroom. I listened while sipping my wine and relaxing. Best bathtime ever.

Anyway, so they're all clean and what-not and out comes Sarah, buck naked. She climbed up onto the bench of the kitchen breakfast nook where we sat. "Naked girl!" I called out to her. She stood proud, arms akimbo, lips pursed and addressed the group with, somewhat accusingly I might add, "Don't touch my boobs!" She has a funny little accent and the word "boobs" came out with an extra long "oooooo" that very nearly turned into a liquid "u" there at the end. I resisted the urge to say "but just look at the way you're dressed!" because I'll be happy if she will continue to say that for a few years. Twenty would be good.


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Yeah. She says movie like that too. Mewvie.