Saturday, September 02, 2006

Crazy Talk

Living with a 2-year-old is like living with a crazy person. Or maybe a stroke victim. First of all, she dresses like she's wearing the only items she could dig up from various locales. (See photo, above). Next, she frequently inexplicably runs in circles around the house, barking like a dog. Often during these jogs she will bump into a piece of furniture then hit the furniture saying "NO! [furniture item name]! Go on!" But my favorite is the crazy talk. For example, this morning when she woke up she did say 'good morning', lulling me into a false sense of normalness. But the changing table talk went like this: "Shoes! Shoes! Shoooooooooooooes! Shew-e-ew-e-ew-e-ew-oooos! No shirt! [maniacal laughter] Shoes! [insert song here]" This was followed by a rousing bout of Mimic Everything Mommy Says and more barking. Sometimes she just makes noises and dances to them. We just smile and nod a lot, it seems to work.

Despite the insanity, she is an attentive and loving big sister. When Sarah cries, Kate tells us "baby's crying" and will pat her on the back or the head and offer her a pacifier. The other day, she spontaneously began attempting to feed Sarah when she got fussy in her bouncy seat. I suspect it was that feeding that led to the gassy fits of screaming shortly there-after, but it was awfully cute.


Delphi said...

I like it. Perhaps she will be an Arteest. Performance art in the making right there in your kitchen

Epiphany Alone said...

You have a very creative little girl. Lauren was always much more particular. She's more like living with an old person who constantly reminds you of the proper way to do and say things.