Friday, September 15, 2006

A Return to Bathtime Glee

For months, the mere mention of a bath would cause Kate to scream as though she were being slowly dipped in burning acid. Fortunately, these were warm months and, although she feared and hated the bath, she loved to be sprayed with those hose (see, there she is happily taking it in the face from her buddy Evan at her birthday celebration). We would just let her get naked and soap her down, thus avoiding the horrible bathtub screaming.

I am pleased to report that Kate seems to have recovered from her bathtub fear. We combine bathing with showering. First, we wash her hair and rinse it with the handheld shower head, then we fill the tub and let her soak in a homemade chamomile/oatmeal bath (for her dreadful eczema). She's been tolerating it for some time but last night she announced to me, giggling, "I like to take a shower!" Then she laid down in the tub on her tummy and started singing about how fish go swimming in the water. I have no idea why she was afraid of the tub (it's not like it's a cup of coffee) and I am equally mystified about what made her like it again. Her timing couldn't be better, it's just starting to get too cool for bathing in the hose in the driveway.

Thanks to my friend Heather for telling me how to get that text up there hyperlinked.

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Epiphany Alone said...

Aww. Thanks :)

Lauren had an irrational fear about showers for the longest time. She will tolerate them now that's a Big 4-year-old girl, but at 3, it was torture.