Monday, September 11, 2006


It's been a few days, so I thought I'd post an update on each kid.

This weekend Kate received a Kate-sized shopping cart from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jude. She adores it. In fact, I've already come to dread having to leave the house with her if she's playing with it. One of us generally has to manhandle her away from the cart...hilarity ensues. In other events this weekend we enjoyed a cook-out at Rusty & Jennifer's. Kate played croquet. OK, she didn't really play croquet, but she did rearrange some of the balls for us, which kept the game nearly as interesting as when Alice played it with hedgehogs and flamingos. I mean, sure we had no wildlife, beheadings or tarts, but we had beer.

Friday was my last day at home with Sarah. I tried to drag it out as much as possible but it went by at lightning speed. It was a bath day. I love water - drinking it, taking luxurious baths in it, swimming in it...but now that I have kids whenever they get within a few feet of it I envision their untimely demise by drowning. So bath time is made extra exciting by the peril! Don't laugh, mom always told us you can drown in a cup of coffee. Of course, lately while trying to remain awake after evenings of very little sleep...I've wondered if mom didn't mean that metaphorically. Because, lord knows I've tried to drown myself in coffee. Anyway, here's Sarah, fresh from her bath, having lived to tell about it.


RFKeith said...

I tried to warn you
about parenthood and hideous death visions
but you laughed

Epiphany Alone said...

Kate's pictures all convey this general sort of goofiness. She seems like a fun kid.

Love the picture of Sarah after her bath. They look so serene wrapped in baby towels...