Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Nary a day goes by that Kate doesn't have some sort of smoothie or yogurt beverage. I feel that she is now mature enough to assist in the making of said treats. Sure, she still poops in her pants, but some of the most mature people I know do that. Kate has taken to this new activity like a pig to mud. Now, if we're going to make a smoothie, I'm not allowed to do it without her help. She insures this by going over to the step stool, which is kind of heavy, and starting to pull it away from the wall, sending me the message "let me help you or I will seriously hurt myself by pulling this thing down on my head!"

I measure everything out for her and help her dump it in the blender. Often, she reaches in and eats things she's just put in there. Lola waits below Kate for the inevitable treats from above. Sometimes she even gets to lick yogurt off the cabinets. OK, a lot of the time she gets to lick yogurt off the cabinets. The process is somewhat time-consuming and the mess frequently blankets the kitchen, but these things are meaningless when it comes time to turn on the blender. For some reason, this is thrilling to Kate, and she always looks like this:
Totally worth it. Here's the smoothie Kate was making in the photos, it's rich in vitamin C and beta carotene!
1 C fresh carrot juice
1 C frozen strawberries
1 C mango
1/3 C red bell pepper
1 T flax seed oil
fist-full wheat germ

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Delphi said...

Turning on the blender is my favorite part. You start with solid stuff and then you get liquid stuff. Cool.