Monday, September 25, 2006

Kate's an animal!

I don't know what this thing is supposed to be, but lately when she gets to daycare, Kate rushes over to the little box of dress-up clothes and puts on the fuzzy bunny-looking ears and matching vest. They look like bunny ears, but are zebra striped on one side and leopard print on the other. The vest is reversible - zebra and leopard, with an indecisive tail. Joy* looked up animals of the Serengeti and claims to have found a long-eared zebra, though I cannot duplicate her research. She suggested that perhaps it's one of those being attacked by a leopard. Welcome to Harsh Reality Daycare, Kate.

Her teacher, Miss Rose**, tells us that she's very careful to remove the vest when sitting on the potty so as to avoid defiling the tail in the toilet. Mr. Langston says convincing her to take it off at meal times is like talking a guy off a ledge.
* Kate refuses to call Joy by her name and instead calls her Jo-Jo. We don't know why, as "J" words don't seem difficult to her, she manages "Jennifer" with aplomb. Anyway, Joy is Jo-Jo. In the spirit of this, we're trying to teach her to call her Aunt Sonya "So-So".
** When did we start teaching kids to call their elders "Miss" or "Mister" and their first name? Is that a southern thing? I think it's weird.


Epiphany Alone said...

Not a Southern thing. Here in Jersey, which is still being kept NORTH of the Mason Dixon Line, the kids in daycare call the providers "Miss Firstname". At school, however, the teachers are called "Miss Lastname".

Miss Lastname calls me Heather which I dislike. She's younger than I am. If I call her Miss Lastname, which is presumably just so the children do, I think she should call me Mrs Stoll.

But the Pre-K teacher calling me by my firstname doesn't nearly irritated me as much as the pediatrician who calls me "Mother". That's just lazy.

Paige Anne said...

That child is a HAM! I LOVE it!