Saturday, December 23, 2006

Further merriment

Steve & Joy had decided the solstice warranted celebration independently of us but graciously allowed us to host the festivities on the actual night, while they hosted all of us and Joy's local family all day today. Seldom was someone not holding Sarah all day. She sat by herself for roughly 20 minutes while we dined but was scooped back up again before anyone even left the table. They say you can't spoil and infant, but we really pushed that axiom to the limit today.

That kid is a nose-grabber.
She pawed a number of faces today, primarily her grandmother's. She did the same thing to Grandma Cory when she was here.
Sarah is going to kick ass at the "got yer nose" game. (Note here that Grandma Cory is wearing Jeremiah's T-bone grilling apron. This is what the Druekes took to doing while holding Sarah to protect themselves from the frequent baby-eruptions. Someone would say "let me hold that baby!" then hesitate and say "oh wait, let me suit up...")

In further nose-centric news, Kate, having been instructed to blow her nose on a wipe she'd liberated from the package in the diaper bag, decided we should all blow our noses and she would assist us in doing so. On that same wipe. It was simultaneously cute and disgusting. Like snails.

During the course of the evening, Kevin called and informed me he was disappointed I'd never posted the picture of Kate drinking a smoothie while wearing my gardening gloves on the blog. I don't think that was the purpose of his call, it just happened to come up. So, here it is!


RFKeith said...

Rosellen and I miss Katie Loo's territorialism.

NO! MY GOGURT! MYYYyyy ... NO! ... my gogurt...

And we each were wishing we could hold the One with Giant Blue Eyes and Exploding Mouth.

At least we know we'll see them in July; Just seven months away. Seven months.

oh yeah we miss you too. and the man.

Kicking N. Screaming said...

Kate keeps asking for Uncle Keith and Cousin Rose. I can tell Sarah misses you, too, though she plays her cards a bit closer to the chest. Oh yeah, I guess we miss you, too.

Navilyn said...

The photos are nice.

And what is it with kids and noses? It's not like we all wear a red thing on the end of it, like Rudolph...