Friday, December 08, 2006


Margie is in town this weekend, ostensibly to see Bob Seger, but we know it's really just to spoil her grand daughters and present us with yet another storage issue. I wonder if the neighbors would let Kate & Sarah annex their master bedroom closet?

Jeremiah and I were headed out the door to run an errand together. I know that seems banal but running an errand alone together is pretty exciting to us these days. As we were standing in the entryway, donning jackets and gloves, Margie called to us from the TV room where Sarah was having some tummy time. "You didn't tell me she could roll over!"

Even though we rushed into the room and stood expectantly, stalker-like above her, she did not take another turn. I'm considering taking the If-I-didn't-see-it-it-never-happened approach and just keeping the camera in my hand at all times in case she does it again and I can capture it in a series of rapid-fire shutter clicks. And then I'll say "Sweet serendipity! I just happened to be photographing her when she rolled over for the first time!"

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Navilyn said...

Ah, the trick is to have a camera recording 24/7/365! Could prove to be quite invaluable...