Saturday, December 30, 2006

Holy crap, I missed the explanation of imaginary numbers!

You know that feeling when you've started to doze in class and your body rocks you awake with a terrifying jolt back into the present and you realize you have no idea what's been said in the past 20 minutes? Then you miss the remaining portion of the class because you're consumed with worry about how on earth you'll ever catch up? Sometimes that still happens to me in meetings at work, only I don't waste any time wondering how I'll catch up because either everyone is looking at me expectantly and I know I need to say something meaningful, or it dosen't matter because, as I probably said before going to the meeting, we didn't really need to have the meeting anyway.

That's exactly how I woke up this morning at 8:25. For a moment I forgot that Kate & Sarah were having a slumber party with Steve & Joy and I careened into consciousness with a panicked, confused glance at the clock. Then I remembered...and gave some serious consideration to going directly back to sleep. But I had to pee. And since it was a good 3 hours later than I usually get up, once I got out of bed I was up, and anyway, the idea of sleeping any longer seemed like an abuse of Steve & Joy's kindness.

And so, after an entire day (during which Kate pooped in the potty at daycare!!!) child-free, Jeremiah retrieved our children. About an hour ago, while carrying Sarah, Sarah's spent bottle, Kate's book du jour, some toy she had to bring to the kitchen and holding Kate's hand while going down the stairs I took a moment to enjoy having my kids back home and simultaneously wonder when the next kid-free day might happen...


Delphi said...

I hate that feeling of waking up and not knowing what the heck is going on. I started to doze off during an acupuncture session and woke with a start wondering where on earth I was. Disturbing.

RFKeith said...

That weird disoriented feeling has a name; Management.