Monday, March 10, 2008

Concrete feat produces fab slab!

Sorry about that, I've been reading the AJC. Anyway, the slab is down! I think that means they can start framing. Probably, though, there are at least 5 things the city requires (eye of newt, proper planetary alignment, hair of your enemy) before they can actually begin that. Still. We're VERY excited about the slab. We took out the sidewalk chalk in celebration.


FlapScrap said...

Crap, I have a body in my trunk I was gonna ask to put under there.

Anonymous said...

Great slug-O-slab! WoW - that's big.
JUST SO YOU KNOW. Concrete takes 28 days to fully cure. :-}. I know you're all excited! ykwypi? taichigramps

LMP said...

It's my understanding the concrete NEVER stops curing. Is that just if you watch it? tells us we must wait one week...but it will take me much longer than that to procure eye of newt.