Friday, March 14, 2008


They had to cut out early due to heavy rain, but most of the framing on the addition was erected today. Somehow, I arrived home before Jeremiah, who was picking up the girls today. When they got home I was out in the addition, checking out just how much space we'd have in the bedroom once the bed's in there. It's a very small room. I had the measuring tape down on the ground and was considering the space (not bad, actually) when Kate, utterly beside herself, came running onto the now-framed slab. "Can I have a hug and a kiss?" I asked, crouching to receive her when she came running into my arms. "It's bigger! It's bigger!" she yelped, breathlessly, and avoided my embrace to run around the addition. I can't blame her. On the inside, I was doing the exact same thing. Here are some photos of our mud pit.

So, just a refresher here. What once was this:

Is currently this:

Here's our new bedroom:
Lola is standing in the doorway between the little hall that will have our closet on one side and the new laundry room on the other. At the end, where I stood to take this picture, will be the new master bathroom. You can't get much of a feel from just studs, of course, but if you look closely you can see the pipe at the end for the toilet and the pipe in the middle for the shower...squint hard, you'll be able to imagine it!

Here's Sarah discovering what becomes of her hands (and face and shoes and pants...) when she jumps in every available puddle. Kate is not pictured because she fell down during her excitement, got covered in mud and rain water and insisted on going inside to change into her princess dress.

The currently uncovered and unframed portion of slab you see here will soon be our screened in porch, while the mud pit will eventually become a patio. Or something. Or maybe we'll decide we really love the mud pit, I don't know.

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