Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Some photos from our trip - Day One

When we arrived at the hotel the girls were extremely excited. I must confess to still having a flicker of this feeling when I first enter a hotel room that isn't disgusting (that's a different feeling). I longed to jump on the beds but decided I probably shouldn't teach them to do that. Sarah immediately got to work at the desk, calling the front desk to demand more towels. Then they chased each other around the place, played with the bathroom door and looked expectantly at us when those things became boring.

So it was off to Grandma and Grandpa's house! The traffic in Miami is remarkable. So we had some quality time together in the rental car. Elizabeth and Abigail greeted us in the driveway as soon as we pulled up. After some time to discover and subsequently torment the 3 unsuspecting cats in the house, everyone headed outside to play on the swingset. It's hard to top a good swingset. We grilled up some delicious food, drank a fair amount of wine (well, not those under 21, of course) and chatted until it became apparent that Kate and Sarah required sleep. Back to the hotel we went. Sarah had her own little crib, into which she just barely fit. Because Sarah isn't quite big enough to sleep in a regular bed, Kate had an entire bed to herself. We dumped the semi-conscious Kate into her gigantic bed (suitable for a princess, you might say) and she grumbled a bit but never really woke up. Traveling is some tiring business.

Jeremiah and I collapsed into bed as well, crossing our fingers that the kids would sleep in just a little bit the next morning. They knew we planned on seeing more of Grandma, Grandpa, Elizabeth and Abigail - this was a mistake on our part - and so they slept in not at all. Sarah, in fact, awoke at 4AM and cried until we put her in bed with us. Once there, she wiggled around kicking, punching and chattering until we relented and just got up.

Next post - the beach and other sundries!


Keith said...

I keep getting a cramp in my right foot.

FlapScrap said...

You need potassium. Eat a banana. And say the Lord's Prayer.

Lisa, please include in tomorrow's sundries: sundresses, sun-dried tomatoes, sauntering, and Sinbad.