Sunday, March 09, 2008

Day Three - Fairchild Tropical Gardens

Not to be missed on a trip to Miami, in my opinion (but isn't everything on this blog?) is Fairchild Tropical Gardens. Our lucky streak continued and we had fantastic weather. They were having a cold snap and the temperature was just barely reaching 80 at the hottest part of the day and there was a constant, lovely breeze. We happened to be there on the weekend of the 6th international orchid show. Since we were planning to head out to see flowers, we dressed the girls in their flower outfits. I worried that was a mistake...what if we lose them among the blooms? Happily, that tragedy did not arise, but I kept an eye on the would-be kidnapping plants just in case.

We saw some gorgeous orchids, of course, but also lots of gigantic iguanas. Here they are lining a nice, warm stone wall. It's hard to tell, but if you look closely at this shot of Sarah, you can see the iguana she's chasing across the meadow.
When not abusing the wildlife, we just walked around and enjoyed all the flora and fauna. We saw both vanilla and chocolate growing. The turtles came by to say hello. We stopped for refreshments, then we headed back to Grandma and Grandpa Drueke's for lunch and swimming. They very close Tamiami airport and from the pool in their neighborhood, we could see bits of the airshow going on that day. Sorry. No photos of that. Trust me, it was cool.

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