Thursday, April 08, 2010

Rainy Day Staycation Activities

The weather forecast called for an 80% chance of strong storms today, pretty much all day so we, along with every single one of our friends who joined us at the zoo on Monday (except our actual friends who joined us at the zoo on Monday) headed indoors to The Children's Museum.

Kate and Sarah love The Children's Museum so much that we now know it is a mistake to inform them more than 20 minutes prior to departure that we are headed there. They were literally bouncing off walls when we arrived, which is okay, because that place encourages that sort of behavior. They played with the moon sand (which we have at home, but which I do not like finding all over my hardwood floors) and the blocks (which we also have at home, but I guess it's more fun to play with them if you had to pay to get to them), and painted on the walls, and operated a crane, and played dress up and worked at the grocery store and on the farm and ran around in such an errant fashion that I was certain I was going to lose them in the sea of people roughly their same size and also attired entirely in clothing from Target. We lasted 2 hours, which I think is full on heroic. When we were finally dragging them from the place, there was a wait to get in. An actual wait. Jeremiah, of course, was thrilled to get to inform me that "we got here just in time." To my mind, we were leaving just in time, too.

Then it rained. The sky was angry this afternoon, my friend. We forced the girls to clean their playroom, which is always painful, then I let them watch way too much PBS Kids while I cleaned their room and rooted out all the too-small stuff and winter clothes. Then Jeremiah came upstairs with a Brooklyn Pilsner for me and I was very happy. There, now you're all caught up.


sunglasseshurtmynose said...

Why does it look like Sarah is pointing at a mountain of cocaine?

LMP said...

Because she is! She built the Scarface set in moonsand. You GET her. That is so sweet.

Keith said...

Judging from Kate's construction outfit, she has big aspirations to be a man singing in a gay band.

LMP said...

Sure, but who didn't have that dream as a small child?