Tuesday, April 06, 2010

We Zoo and They Do Too

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous so we thought it would be a perfect day for the trip to the zoo and a picnic at Atlanta's famous Oakland Cemetery with our friends. Know who else thought it was a good day to go to the zoo? Every freaking parent in the metro area, that's who.

We first made our way to the parakeets and, after waiting in line to get in (!) tried to get these poor, bloated birds to light on our little sticks of food and chow down. It was about 11AM and we were about the 4,000th group to do just that so it didn't go so well. It was fun anyway.

We yelled at the otters - "be cuter!" - while they napped in a pile by their water feature. They ignored us. We saw the gorillas, orangutans, naked mole rats and the elephants and then we hauled ass out of there because the crowds were making us all a little cranky.

Once we escaped the zoo madness, we headed down the block to Oakland Cemetery for a picnic and some frolicking. We had that place nearly to ourselves. It was pretty hot out by then, but if you copped a squat in the shade it felt delightful. The girls ran all over the place and we read the gravestones to them and they pretended to be zombies.

In the end, though, the heat was more than the children could take and, tragically, all 4 of them died.

Ok, not really. But we did get really hot and decided we needed to go home. So we did.

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