Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ah, Spring

Hey, remember our little chickadees that moved into Sarah House out on the shed? Certain doubters said that no self-respecting bird would move into a house all pastel and covered in stickers and maybe they were right, we have no real way of knowing if these birds lack self-respect or not.

I do know this, and I'm sorry for the lack of accompanying illustration, they had 2 babies last week! Papa bird flew from the shed rooftop to the low tree branches and the backs of the chairs on the patio singing at the top of his lungs all day. I couldn't figure out what he was all worked up about. That evening Jeremiah discovered the new babies. All that singing must have been celebratory.

I confess, I'm in love with the bird family and I've sort of been stalking them. I check on the babies daily, just as I'd checked on the eggs before. They appear to be doing well. Mama bird doesn't seem to mind me. Often, while I'm out there watering the plants, she'll plop her head on the edge of her front door and just watch me. I'll say "hi Mama bird!" and I'm pretty sure I note a nearly imperceptible nod from her - "what up Mama human".

Our Third Avenue friends, John and Deb, had their long-awaited twin girls the very next day and named them Julia and Lucinda (side note, these kids were born on 4/20 so it's very tempting to call them Mary and Jane). In honor of the healthy, identical human kids, I've been calling the baby birds Julia and Lucinda. If the birds are boys, this could lead to self image issues later in life, but I'm alright with that because that means there's a chance they'll move into Kate House as adults.

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